About Us

What is farter.io?

farter.io is an online multiplayer game where you have to survive and kill other players using your fart .When you click on the right-mouse-button, your player starts to fart and that consumes your fart charge .In order to recharge it you have to eat sweet potato .
Anyone who collises with your fart gets damaged (including you),but you can heal yourself by eating tomato .
Clicking on the left-mouse-button makes a pee zone that slows anyone walking on it (except you) but you have to wait until cooldown time is over to reuse it .
Beans charge your boost-damage and Paprika charges your boost-speed .

This my favorite online multiplayer game that made me have a dream to make this game splix.io starve.io curvefever.pro agar.io

What technology do you use?

Server side I use Python with Flask Flask-Socketio. Client side, is all javascript using p5.js, websockets and the html5 canvas. Servers are hosted on ovh.

Sorry...,I forgot to introduce my self

I'm Elleuch Med Amin, student in the national Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS) :)

Special thanks

I would like to thank all players in this game and boulbeba bouaziz.

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